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My Own Damned Swamp
Powdered graphite, India Ink, oil pastel and acrylic on panel
3 x 4 feet


I am someone who struggles heavily with anxiety. Even on my best days, the days when I can see a glimmer of light through the haze, I find it daunting to navigate out of the brambles of my rawest emotions, fears, and doubts. I trudge through the inky mess of its shallow waters as vines fluttering away in the undertow wrap their spiny tendrils around my ankles - they are trying to ensnare and capture me--keep me there. But like in all swamps, below the murky surface and deep within the muddy waters, beautiful new beginnings start there. And I know, that in order to see myself out of my own damned swamp, I need to start somewhere and know that I too can flourish.