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Aging & Maturing - View 1
Aging & Maturing - View 1
Graphite on Vellum
8 ft x 9 ft

“Aging & Maturing” is a reflection on identity and connection captured through gesturally drawn carcasses on vellum with powdered graphite. Food is a significant part of my family’s culture, and equally a significant part of my identity. I remember loving nothing more than to take those trips to the Asian supermarket with my family. I’d gaze in wonder at the roasted Peking duck floating in the window or how the Butcher expertly prepares the meat for sale. As someone who is biracial, food is my connection to my heritage and Taiwanese culture, and meat is at the forefront of that connection. I draw meat because of how anyone can relate to its form - a contemporary take on genre art. The process of drawing is familiar and comforting, and my paint brush allows me to draw broadly and loosely, imbuing my physicality with each stroke. This is where I capture flesh, form, light and shadow through my meaty subjects.